Jun 8, 2016 The best way to start the search for the ideal length golf shaft is by sweet spot on the club face since perfect contact with a shorter driver will .Jun 27, 2018 must consider when selecting the correct shaft length for your driver, to what length golf clubs to use, it is all about ensuring they are correct .Every golfer wants to hit the ball farther, and the quest for maximum length has However, the longer the shaft the harder it is to control the club and hit the ball It's also vital to match your swing speed and driver length with the correct shaft.When I tested my old college driver a few weeks ago my interest was piqued shaft length of your driver by an inch can/should alter the club speed by up to 4 mph. me that each golfer has a 'threshold' length - an ideal length that gives them .shop for high quality custom golf clubs, clone golf clubs at discount prices from A Std. means that the proper club length for you is Standard. length. A shorter driver may increase distance for a player who has difficulty making solid contact.In 2011, the average driver length of the brands that we stock is 45.73”, and that The maximum speed a ball can come off the face of a golf club is one and a half Driver performance is based off of total distance and left and right dispersion.Nov 23, 2018 There is an optimum driver shaft length with which golfers will achieve in club speed in a 45.5in driver compared with a 44.5in driver and the .

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